The Khook is a space that I can share my ideas of healthy (sometimes naughty), nutritious food ideas and recipes with all of you budding cooks, bakers and health conscious folks. What is different in this blog is that, it is strictly from a student’s lifestyle point of view to find cheap and easy ways to eat healthy and not compromise on flavor! As an addition of things to expect from this blog, information on local, delicious and nutritious (LDN) ingredients will be highlighted and important food justice issues will be featured to establish an alert and heightened community towards building a better understanding and appreciation for the foods that fuel us.

Here’s a video I made to simplify what The Khook is all about.

Let me share a personal story with you,


Taken at Zero Zero SF, Nov 2012

Hi, my name is Rachel Khoo and I am a self taught cook. Please do not confuse me with this other lovely lady with the same name. Though I have a huge amount of energy and passion for cooking and baking, my studious path has led me to pursue Media Studies at the University of San Francisco, with a minor in Film Studies. Do check out my YouTube channel for some of my work! Cooking has always been interesting and fun for me since I was young. Growing up in Malaysia all my life has been a tremendous influence over my love for food.


The Overweight me, Spring 2012 (photo credit: Jonathan Ng)

Prior to San Francisco, I was already indulging too much back home and did not practice a healthy lifestyle to maintain an ideal weight. But it was during Spring of 2012, that I realized my weight had increased to a level of discomfort and I couldn’t fit into my favorite pair of pants! For a petite 5″2 girl like me, I was well overweight with a BMI of 25.4. Determined to shed some serious pounds, I took on a personal challenge with Tony Horton. This marked the beginning of my journey with P90X in the summer of 2012 that lasted for three whole months. My ultimate goal is to be able to parade bravely in public with nothing but a two piece bathing suit, with a healthy lean body (hey, I’m still working on it).

It was through P90X and Tony’s guidance that shifted the way I look at food. As Tony says in the interview with Dr. Oz, “Fitness is about a mental and emotional shift that occur through motion activity.”  After 3 months with the right diet and exercise and determination, I lost 20lbs and 3 inches off my waist. My eating habits changed to keep up with my new body and I never felt happier and healthier in my life! I still keep an active lifestyle by exercising regularly 6 times a week and I absolutely love it.

This blog strives to provide complete and healthy meal ideas, recipes and information on specific foods and food groups. With the occasional sweet treats and eats, I would love to bring you into my world of eating locally, nutritiously and deliciously.


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  1. Rachel, you are always so inspiring to me, and will never cease to impress me. You are a great person, inside and out.

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