Farmer’s Market: Inner Sunset

Earlier today I went to the Inner Sunset Farmer’s Market which is not too far from where I live in San Francisco. I find myself frequenting this farmer’s market every weekend now and then. Excuse the quality of the photos, was trying to take a whole scale from across the block with a Nokia Lumia.


The variety of fresh vegetables here are endless and definitely more than the farmer’s market in Civic Center. There is even a strawberry vendor that is so popular at this market that by 11am, they’re all sold out. Because I take my breakfast seriously and I always prefer to prepare and eat breakfast at home, I’ve missed the chance of buying a box of strawberries myself. I always tell myself, next time, I’ll get there early enough to get some!

What did I get from this market?

  • 2 huge Broccoli buds for just $2 a bundle
  • Coriander and cilantro for $2 a bundle each
  • Daikon radish
  • Romaine and red lettuce for $.150 a bundle each (each bundle has more than 4)

I would’ve gotten much more but I did a grocery run just a day before, but imagine the amount I got for such a low price!  What a great bargain for local, delicious and nutritious produce (LDN)! Here’s a few more pictures of the market. This is one of the first few vendors, called Serendipity Farms. Often times these farms are active within the social media and have Facebook pages, which I encourage you to ‘like’ them. This farm comes all the way from Carmel which is at least a 2 hour drive from the city.


IMG_6708Here’s me and my buy at Golden Gate Park!

Also, all farmer’s market in the bay area have an information booth that I urge all market goers to check out and say hi.


Every Sunday, on Irving and 9th, get on over to the Inner Sunset farmer’s market to fill your pantry and refrigerator from 9am-1pm. They even have fresh hot food vendors to wet your appetite for brunch or sample some hummus for a snack. It is important for us to support these local farmers for their loving work to provide us with LDN produce. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with some of the produce there as I have.


I’ll be hitting up the next farmer’s market at Civic Center real soon for some fresh seafood. Will I see you there?

ps. Don’t forget to bring a couple of shopping bags for all your groceries. Remember, they charge for bags in California now!

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