Hiatus is soon to be lifted

Dear readers,

As life continues to unfold and we continue to grow as our own along the way, I definitely am not ashamed to say I have abandoned this space for far too long.

Every so often these past couple of years, I think about The Khook as a blog and how I should keep a regular presence contributing my food-related adventures here. I have opted out of the long process (that I personally find) of a blog post for a quick post on Instagram instead, which you can find me more active on.

Having said so, I’m searching for a place to write and express my thoughts in more detail, what better place than this blog? So a decision has been made.

As of today, I’m officially making the effort to come back as a contributor to the blogosphere and take advantage of me being back home in Malaysia to continue to bring you not only recipes, but also some thoughts and reviews of my gastronomic adventures.

Gimme a couple of weeks and check back here and hopefully you’ll be in tune with my momentum as a blogger.

A quick update for those who know me, as some of you readers are dear friends, I’ve completely moved back to Malaysia as of late May and am currently unemployed and figuring out my next step in life.

Until then, I wish you all nothing but good vibes and a happy Father’s Day weekend ahead!